Jan 17, 2005

Just who's side is Fred Burks on?

Judging from the reports below, one has to wonder. It is not often that an ex State Department employee appears as a witness in a trial such as this and the few papers that decide to cover it have conflicting stories.

"Former U.S. State Department interpreter Fred Burks testifies for the prosecution in the trial of militant Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir Thursday, Jan. 13, 2005 in Jakarta, Indonesia."

"Called by Bashir's defence counsel, Mr Burks testified that he sat in on the meeting to provide instantaneous translation for Ms Megawati."

"Mr Burks gave evidence for the defence, which says the trial is political."

One of these reports above is not correct. Can you guess which one? Allow me to give you a hint.

"The prosecution attempted to undermine his testimony by forcing him to admit he had taken the drug ecstasy twice, years before the meeting."

Does the prosecution often try to undermine their own testimony?

More on Fred Burks

Burks resigned last month in protest against what he sees as excessive government secrecy, and since then has been treating anybody who will listen with insider stories about private meetings he attended.

Geoffrey MG has taken up the story as well and here is what he has to say

Was a CIA agent outed at Ba'asyir court house?

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