Feb 24, 2005

Carlos Cantina

I know, I know, lack of updates. These long days and nights can be tough starting out, but hopefully the rewards come later. It might even be and idea to get hooked up and online downtown so I can update the blog from there. I will look in to it. Busy is an understatement. I have been busier than a one-legged man at an ass kicking contest. It is a lot of work making sure things run smoothly, getting staff trained, ensuring food quality and consistency.

People here in Malaysia are hungry, they are starving for real good American and Tex-Mex homecooked food and it is now my humble duty to feed them. And while many are hungry, there are those here with unrefined tastebuds. They stare and poke at a hot steaming bowl of real Texas-style chili con carne that has been prepared with love and care and yap around the table that it looks like Bolognese sauce. They boast loudly and obnoxiously that they know all about chiles and yet they fail to understand and comprehend the subtle and complex yet obvious distinctions between Anchos and Pasillas. It is my duty to teach them.

It is not only the warmth imparted by the alkaloid capsaicin that draws distinctions between chiles but the various and often complex subtle differences in flavours - much like wines one must learn to appreciate them. A Jalapeno does not taste pedas. It tastes like a Jalapeno.

Besides what is listed on the menu, we have a lunch "special of the day". It is called a "special of the day" because, well... it's special and it changes daily depending on my mood and what is available. It could be anything from Carne Guisada to Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas. New items are added whenever inspiration strikes. Not only is it special, but it is limited. I make maybe twenty or so portions in the morning before lunch and so when it's gone, it's gone.

Besides the "special of the day", just come on in and ask what is good today. Chile Cheese Fries, Texas-Style Hot Dogs and my Habanero Hot Wings are good sellers and I will be expanding to add a few more similar items real soon. Im also hoping to add some more Tex-Mex and Mexican items on the menu real soon.

I'd like to say thanks to both James and Henry from Houston, Texas who stopped by the other night. Thanks for your very kind compliments, it makes it all worthwhile. It was my pleasure to serve you.

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