Apr 30, 2005

Cheese on the Water or "Sorry, But It's Nacho Cheese"

Yesterday afternoon I has a nice talk with Dave Anderson from Chili's here in Kuala Lumpur. Dave was able to confirm that he does in fact have around 30 cases of Velveeta cheese in Pok Brother's warehouse and as much as he would like to help a fellow American in need he can't resell the cheese to me. As much as I would like to have some of it, Im completely understanding of Dave's situation, that as an employee of Chili's it would be improper for him to resell any of his company's cheese stock.

Dave is really a great guy, he's been over here almost as long as I have and can truly empathize with my predicament. He also runs the absolute best place in town if you are hungry for some real American food. I have been a regular at the Bangsar location ever since they opened up over here in 1994 and the food is great, just like home. Just be warned though, if you are in town and want to visit be prepared for a wait on the weekends. On Friday and Saturday evening there is a waiting list to get a table! The location is fantastic and the outdoor Margarita Bar at Chili's Bangsar is the place to see and to be seen when you are in town.

Not long after I got off the phone with Dave I got a call from Johnathan Atwood of Kraft Foods Asia-Pacific who was calling from the airport in Bangkok. Mr. Atwood told me that he was able to discover that there is 80 pounds of cheese on a boat somewhere in the Pacific Ocean headed to Malaysia at this time. Unfortunately he had no idea who the consignment of cheese was destined for. Hopefully he can find out soon and we can do our best to seize the cheese. Mr. Atwood has assured me in his own words that he has "picked up the football and going to carry it to the end." This is something I would very much like to see. I would like to see American companies be more proactive in promoting and selling their products overseas and not simply rely on foreign distributors to do the selling for them.

The world has learned very well how to export to America. Perhaps it is time that American manufacturers learn how to export to the rest of the world.

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