May 21, 2005

Friday Night Open Thread

Actually early Saturday morning over here.

Im planning on making some changes to the site and so here is your chance to say what you would like to see more of or how you think "An American Expat in Southeast Asia" can be better.

New template and a new look, new features (tell me what you would like to see added) and more posts and essays and maybe a move off of Blogger. Don't be shy tell me what you would like added. Its time to go big time. :-)

I'd like to thank all of you personally who have been regulars to the site and who have added your comments and contributions. It truly makes all of what I do worthwhile.

I've also received quite a lot of hate mail recently for some of the subjects that I have posted on. Im not discouraged. I truly believe in my heart that what I have to say needs to be heard.

This is also your unique opportunity to show your love to help support the new look. I've added a column on the right hand side that will be on the side for advertisments. If you feel you don't want to see this and would prefer it not to be on the site then kindly let me know.

Once again thank you.

The blogging in earnestness continues later today but in the meantime, take some time and read through some of the things you might have missed.


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