May 29, 2005

It's not the Koran Stupid. It's You!

As I was reading through the "DoD News Briefing on Koran Mishandling Allegations" I couldn't help but think that I must have fallen through some dimensional portal into a parallel universe like on Fox's television series Sliders where we now find ourselves living in an alternate reality called "PC World".

To call our sober and measured response to this entirely fabricated drama insane would be nothing more than an understatement - there are simply no words to describe the madness. It's like the inmates have completely taken over the asylum and now lubricated the slippery slope with Astro-Glide.

Perhaps you have never heard of fanatical Muslims going on a murderous rampage whenever a Koran is "disrespected" by Muslims themselves. There is a reason for it, it has nothing to do really with desecration or disrespect because in reality it's not really about the Koran itself, it is about you the infidel.

To Muslims, the infidel is unclean, a sub-human worthy of nothing but contempt.

Perhaps this is a harsh analogy to use, but kindly hear me out. To a racist white person, having your daughter raped by a black man becomes a much greater offense than her having been raped by a white man. Needless to say, it would be unimaginable that as a civilized society we would make any attempt to empathize with the man and pander to his hatred. So why do we do it at Guantanamo?

It is a society ruled by political correctness rather than common sense that would even consider to continue to make available the source of the inspiration that fostered such hatred in the first place. If our honest intention by detaining these individuals is to rehabilitate and deprogram them then simple logic would seem to dictate that we first remove the source of the inspiration that fostered their hatred in the first place.

There really is a common sense solution to all of this. Forget the "Koran Handling Procedures" and the "culturally acceptable meals" and just simply remove the Korans from Guantanamo and issue to each prisoner a copy of the bible. Perhaps then we might stand a real chance of dousing the flames of hatred.

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