May 13, 2005

Submission of the Infidels

"Disrespect for the Holy Koran is not now, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be, tolerated by the United States" ~ Condoleezza Rice

Fearing the rattle of the sabre of militant Islam and the "deep indignation" of the Saudi Arabian government. These shameful and spineless words were spoken like a true dhimmi in a futile attempt to sooth and appease the supposed indignity of our adversaries. They will have no such effect, they will only act to embolden our adversaries and those seeking the internal destruction of our nation.

While our nation continues down the destructive path of assiduous secularization and the relentless unabated demonization of Christianity, these words will be interpreted and seen by the Muslim world as our nation's acquiescence to the superiority of Islam. That our government would place Islam in such high regard and elevate it upon of pedestal of reverence while we give government grants to individuals so that they may desecrate the Christian faith only strenghens the hand of militant Islam.

How will our nation's government choose to address the indignity suffered by millions of Christians throughout the Muslim world? Christians who have been persecuted and had their bibles shredded in Saudi Arabia. How will our nation's government address the "deep indignation" of millions of Americans who see the government of Saudi Arabia's arrogant demands that disciplinary action be taken in this alleged event as nothing more than a foreign power meddling in the internal affairs of our nation?

The Quran is not simply seen as the holy book of Islam by Saudi Arabia and the Muslim world, it is the Constitution of the country of Saudi Arabia. A Constitution that does not provide legal protection for freedom of religion. Our continuous failure to see Islam for what it truly is, a "way of life", a political ideology that is enshrined and cloaked in nothing more than a facade of religion will only lead to our own peril in the years ahead.

Saudi Arabia's ire was not raised so much by what they saw as blasphemous to their religious beliefs, but also as something blasphemous and disrepectful to their "way of life" and to their own country's Constitution. Condoleeza Rice's remarks not only lend credence to the Islamic faith, but act to legitimize the Constitution of Saudi Arabia.

Had Adolph Hitler declared himself a prophet or a living deity and Mein Kampf the holy book of the religion of Nazism would we find ourselves equally helpless to confront the inherent evil of the political ideology encompassed by it?

Have we become so desirous of somehow breaching the cultural chasm that divides the Muslim world and the Western world that we would sacrifice our own convictions and ardent beliefs on the altar of political correctness? Or have we as a nation become so drunk on our amoral concepts of diversity and multiculturism that we have become oblivious to the inherent antagonism of Freedom and Islam?

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