May 18, 2005

The Wrath of Khan

Under normal circumstances, one would think that a sincere apology would suffice in a situation where the religious sensitivities of of another group of individuals were offended. But these are not normal circumstances and as such, the apology of both Newsweek and the United States government is not sufficient, nor has it been accepted.

It is also not normal that a country such as Saudi Arabia, the world's poster child for religious intolerance would have the audacity to issue such a ridiculous statement demanding that a complete investigation be carried out, that the perpetrators be punished and then instruct us to deter any such actions from taking place in the future.

Instead of reminding the Saudi's that we are a free sovereign country and that they can go and pound sand, Dr. Condoleeza Rice chose to issue the following profound statement of regret and concern and promised that "appropriate action" would be taken against those found guilty, with complete disregard for our own nation's Constitution.

Im sorry to inform you of this Dr. Rice, but when it comes to the point where we have a country like Saudi Arabia lecturing us on "religious tolerance" then its high time we pulled our pants back up and kindly excused ourselves from this orgy of political correctness that we seem to have found ourselves hopelessly entangled in.

If you are not feeling both duped and taken advantage of at this point then you should. While half the country was foaming at the mouth and having a go at Newsweek magazine, things were going ahead according to plan in Pakistan.

About now is also the time when we should be coming to the realization that much bigger issues are in play here and that this "being offended" schitck over the "alleged" desecration of the Quran was in actuality nothing more than a ruse.

The riots didn't just ignite, they didn't just happen. They were organized in advance, a well orchestrated series of events with students going from town to town instigating other students to join in the fracas that ended up leading to several deaths and injuries. Pakistan's madrassas are being financed by Saudi Arabia.

The ongoing riots are being now organized by Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal a terrorist organization with strong links to both Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda. MMA as they are otherwise known is arranging for a large regional and worldwide rally on 27 May 2005 in an organized attempt to destabilize the government of both Pakistan and the region. MMA is being financed by none other than, you guessed it Saudi Arabia.

Why the Saudi interest? Pakistan has something that the Saudi's desperately want and the MMA is prepared to give it to them.

The reformations and the plans for modernization have all but failed. There are shouts now not only from the streets, but from the courtyard itself. Musharraf now finds himself a prisoner in a golden cage holding Aladdin's Lamp ever closer to his chest.

Its less than five minutes to Midnite now in Tehran and the clock is ticking.

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