Jun 6, 2005

The Crossing of the Rubicon

"Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire." - Hebrew Proverb

On 31 March 2005 at 9:05am Terri Schiavo died. Terri Schiavo, unable to feed herself was denied any food or water for fourteen days until she finally died of starvation and neglect. To no avail, Terri's parents and family had begged for her life to be spared as a macabre drama was played out in the court with the sole intent of dehumanizing her to the point where her murder by the State could therefore be justified.

But it must be noted that murder and death by misfortune are not synonymous, for just three months earlier the resources of an entire world were called upon to in an urgent attempt to counter nature's Malthusian checks in the form of the earthquakes, tsunamis and their after effects that had struck Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

As Terri laid in her bed starving to death, those who had called for her death claimed that by neglecting her and starving her to death we were simply allowing nature to take it's course. What was it then that prevented us from allowing nature to simply take it's course in Southeast Asia?

While we are able to escape future admonishment for the deaths of those who suffered from the earthquake, tsunami and their after effects. It is the blood of Terri Schiavo that we will never be able to wash from our hands.

With our heightened concerns of overcrowding and overpopulation in the world today, where is the logic in trying to prevent or stymy the Malthusian checks of nature and yet continue unabated to commit murder and/or induce others to murder in the in the form of abortion and euthanasia?

History has shown us that abortion and euthanasia are the forerunners of death camps and eugenics and yet seemingly in a state of nescience, the unwitted advocates of totalitarianism continue to promulgate both abortion and euthanasia as enlightened concepts of progression. Have we become so arrogant and pompous as a society that we would fail to acknowledge and learn from our own history? The murder of Terri Schiavio will not soon be forgotten, and now in retrospect, it might be viewed in the future as one the seminal events in our history that hallmarked the quickening of the massacre of our undesirables.

Our respect for the sanctity of life has in the past, and has always been our greatest protection from the ultimate tyranny of an all-powerful state and yet in recent years we seem to have willingly subjugated ourselves by allowing the State to become the ultimate arbitrator in determinations of who is worthy of life and who is not. Having elevated the State on such a pedestal, we have in essence charted our own destiny, we have chosen the path that will ultimately lead to our own peril.

In the years ahead, as the world tries desperately to cope with population increases, demographic imbalances, unemployment, and both external and internal threats from quasi-fascist movements such as Islamic fundamentalism it will be social order and stability that will become of paramount importance to many people, much more so than liberty or freedom. Having already placed their lives in the omnipotent hands of the State, is it really such a leap of logic for one to foresee that individuals in the near future will think nothing of sacrificing freedom for security?

Not unlike the countries in Southeast Asia, America and the West will seriously have to consider implementating further authoritative measures within our own societies in the near future to deal with the revanche of Islamic fundamentalism should we fail to address the political aspirations and aspects of Islam now.

Simultaneously punishing and placating the adherents of Islamic fascism achieve nothing. It is not insults and intolerance that fuel the fires of fascism, it is our appeasement and our own self-abasement that provide fuel for the fire.

There are those I am sure who will disagree. Those that will herald our recent achievements and go so far as to say that victory is at hand. If our objective is to secure an unstable atmosphere of tranquility then perhaps victory is at hand but if our objective is to secure an everlasting peace then it would require a further resolve that has so far been lacking.

A recent essay by Victor Davis Hanson entitled "Western liberalism is the only idea left standing" might lead one to believe that we can rest on our laurels, that democracy, freedom and liberty have finally prevailed and that only the dying embers of communism and fascism remain. I would put it to Mr. Hanson that perhaps his projections on the impending deaths of communism and totalitarianism might actually be a bit premature.

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  1. There is enough room in this world for as many human beings as God wants there to be here. Who do we think we are to 'decide' how much is enough? Our little minds are proven wrong over and over again.

    There is enough in this world for each and every human being to have enough of what is needed to sustain and promote life - except for the disgusting greed and selfishness of the arrogant who somehow feel 'entitled' to higher and higher lifestyles with never a thought to the welfare of their fellow man. THE PRIVILEGED WHO PRETEND SUCH REFINEMENT BUT WHO LACK A SHRED OF TRUE MORALITY OR HUMANITY. These are the causes of poverty and starvation - that and our immoral wars - all products of our fallen human nature no longer stayed by the once strong moral influence of Holy Church.

    Now that the Catholic Church is in Her eclipse from the onslaught of the Modernists, to the end that there is little grace emanating from those very few true Holy Masses remaining in the world, morality has fallen to new lows, falling back to paganism and barbarianism, with the resulting disorder and lawlessness in society. Is it any wonder that abortion and euthanasia are accepted with hardly a thought by so many, even formerly good Catholics?

    You are quite correct in stating that these two evils, abortion and euthansia, are indeed the forerunners of death camps.

    Our former respect for the sanctity of life was due to the teachings and moral force of the Catholic Church, the foundational source of Western Civilization. It is because of the fall of the Catholic Church that it is now treated as just another of the so-called "Great Religions of the World," equating the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church founded by God Himself: Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, with man-made religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Protestantism, etc., to the end that It's teachings can be 'discussed' by amateurs rather than obeyed as God intended. This is the reason we have chosen to subjugate ourselves to the State - we have lost the True Faith, thus we have lost our real strength, our fortitude, our love of the good, the will to fight to preserve the good.

    Communism, totalitarianism are alive and well, if traveling under different names, adapting like chameleons to the 'needs of the day,' but permeated with the same suffocating sulphur stink of old.

    The blood of Terri Schiavo will never be washed from our hands, nor will that of the millions upon millions of those slaughtered in unjust wars, abortions, euthanasia. What a terrible price we are going to pay, are already paying, for these crimes.

    We sit in the palm of God shaking our fists at Him - and it is a wonder He simply does not spread His fingers and let us fall into the abyss.


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