Jul 12, 2005

"Real Authentic Chicago-Style Hotdogs now in Malaysia"

It took a while to do it, but we did!

The authentic Chicago-Style hotdog is now available at "Danny's All-American Gourmet Hotdogs" at Hartamas Square.

Looking back, what truly motivated me I suppose was this horrible pseudo Chicago-Style hotdog I had once at the local hotdog outlet named "1901" here in Malaysia. It was single-handedly the worst hotdog I ever had in my life. I should have realized that they had no idea what they were doing when they served this monstrous travesty of a hotdog to me in a sesame seed bun. There was absolutely nothing "Chicago-Style" about it at all. And so where does this company get off describing their hotdogs as authentic? Authentic what?

I'd like to thank all my suppliers and give a real big special thank you to Angie and Pat down at English Hotbreads who sat down for countless hours in product development to get everything just right and for sharing my passion. Thanks.

Come by tonight!!

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