Sep 6, 2005

"Danny's All-American Gourmet Hot Dogs"

Our first published food review came out in the September issue of KLue Magazine with a full page on Danny's Hot Dogs!

Mr. Brian Yap with KLue Magazine seemed to like the "Texas Chili Dog" and the "Dallas BBQ Dog" - not bad for a stall, we seemed to get a better review than some more upscale places around town.

From the review:

"...nothing beats the Texas Chili Dog (RM9). For an easy reference point, think of A&W's Coney Dog, then forget it immediately - that doesn't even come close..."

"...The Dallas BBQ Dog (RM9) was rich with the sweetness of barbecue sauce and caramelized onions. There was a wonderful smokiness to the overall flavour..."

We have a lot more coming on the menu soon with some wonderful hot dogs now including the "Nacho Chili Cheese Dog" and if you like it spicy the "Texas BBQ Hot Dog" - our website (a work in progress) is up with the current menu.

If you're a blogger then introduce yourself and we'll fix you up with a small order of nachos with your order (while supplies last ;-) ). Cheers Rajan!

I'd also like to thank some other people. Without you guys we would not be where we are now!

Thanks Arvind!

Thanks Terk Sean!

And thanks to all of you without blogs Astro Ria Beat TV's Miss Sazzy Falak (the bun is not going to make you fat! Sazzy you promised something and I'm waiting...) and Syko-G with with Rolling Eye and the Groove Syndicate. (Chili Dog with Extra Chili! - the doctor doesn't have a clue Syko!)

And thanks to my good friends at HP Malaysia!

Our friend from HP tucking into the "Nacho Chili Cheese Dog" at 'Danny's Hot Dogs' - Hartamas Square!

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