Sep 25, 2005

"The End"

A "grieving" mother who used her dead son's casket as a soap box and a professional race-baiting huckster like Jesse Jackson. Two individuals from two different worlds, one white and one black, two "useful idiots", two tools, one willingly and one unwittingly.

It is about now, as the fog of her bereavement lifts and her celebrity status wanes that Cindy Sheehan is perhaps coming to the bitter realization that she has become nothing more than a "tool" of something much more cold and cruel than she could have ever imagined. Now abandoned by all those who once loved her, Cindy finds herself all alone with only her perpetual hatred to keep her warm.

To be honest with you, there was a small part of me that hurt inside initially as I watched the likes of Michael Moore, the New York Times and the rest of their ilk as they all joined together in "13th stepping" Cindy Sheehan but like many others my concern changed to apathy as Cindy soiled the sacrifice that her son willingly made for our nation.

Jesse Jackson perhaps now feeling a bit duped can always catch the train back to New Orleans, but for Cindy "Locomotive Breath" Sheehan this is the end of the track.

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