Sep 15, 2005

"Joe America"

Joe America brings a lot of attention the world of boxing, he is physically bigger than you and you have always had to live with an inferiority complex because of your smaller frame. He is bigger, smarter, stronger, faster, luckier and richer than you. You don't have a chance to touch this guy and you know it.

Joe America knows you and he senses your subtle envy and shows compassion he hires you on as a sparring partner and pays you a handsome salary every year. He tells you and so are therefore led to believe that all of your success depends on Joe America's success. He buys your daughter a pony, winks at your wife and pays for your son to attend boarding school. Life is good and so you report to work every day and let Joe America beat the crap out of you.

You attend Joe America's fights and at times feel torn. You need him to win but there is a small part of you that wants to see him get his arrogant ass beaten. There are times when you feel he is boastful and too proud of himself, even your own wife admires Joe and it hurts your pride.

Years go on and Joe America beats them all there are times he stumbles and gets into a bit of questionable trouble, one of his fights ends up being called a draw but Joe wins on points. He beats people regardless of size, regardless of desire. He is untouchable. On August 23, 1989 Joe America finally beats his last known contender Ivan Ruskie.

Joe America is the champion he stands for truth, justice and all that is good in the world. Your job and your future is now secure and all is good.

September 11, 2001 comes around and you attend Joe America's unscheduled fight. You watch a small puny untrained man named Abu enters the ring. Before anyone realizes what has happened, the man punches, gives Joe America a black eye and Joe America drops to one knee.

The world stops. Your world stops. The impossible has happened. Mixed emotions. Your daughter's pony died, your son has another year of boarding school and you and your wife have another baby on the way. What will happen?

As you stand there dumbfounded in a daze, the puny little man named Abu takes off running out of the ring and you know there is going to be hell to pay.

Joe America slowly rises and walks to the other side of the ring he then proceeds to rip the arms and legs off of all of Abu's trainers. You watch and while knowing that the trainers are completely helpless, that they are unbalanced and unmatched for Joes's massive power and yet you feel that justice has been done.

Joe America starts flipping over chairs tearing apart the stadium looking for the puny little man. He recruits you and all the other boxers in the World Boxing Federation to assist him in hunting down this little man. Abu is a threat and has brought shame to the world of boxing and he must be destroyed.

Abu suddenly appears on television and tells the world how Joe had once before years ago raped his sister and that Joe deserved what he gets. Abu threatens to strike again and destroy Joe.

Joe tells everyone to ignore Abu get back to the search, that Abu is a liar, a threat and must be destroyed.

You get back to the search and the other boxers all get back to the search, some of them however are grumbling and not really searching that hard. They complain they don't have the money or resources to search for Abu and so Joe writes them all a check. Maybe Abu is right that Joe deserved it, maybe he is not, who knows. Regardless of right or wrong, some of the other boxers start to question if Joe is really so unbeatable after all. Maybe Joe can be beat, not by Abu of course, but maybe someone can. Maybe if a few of us join together. Maybe this is it, the time for Joe's legacy to end and if Abu can cause this much trouble then just imagine what a few of the other up and coming boxers can do. Imagine what Kwai Chang can do.

In any event, Joe is paying for everyone else's training and boxing lessons so we need to keep Joe thinking that we support him by continuing the search for Abu, after all, Joe is paying for the search. We might as well take his money. To keep Joe believing they are searching some of the other boxers even catch and hand over a few of Abu's friends to Joe.

Silly foolish Joe, he has no idea, over the years since his fight with Ivan he has become so trusting of everyone believing that everyone wished his success. Someone is hiding Abu. Everyone knows it and yet Joe is helpless to do anything about it. Who is it and who knows and why is no one telling Joe? Even some of Joe's friends and his own family are talking behind his back now. If it has reached the point where Joe can't trust his own friends and family then who can he trust?

Joe needs to wake up and realize that not everyone thinks that he deserves to be the champion anymore. That even those whom he considers his closest friends can lie to his face.

If in 4 years "the world" still has not found Abu then it should to be a wakeup call. Unfortunately Joe still never learns and he continues to sleep.

I had hoped things would have changed but since 9/11 nothing has as far as how our country gathers intelligence. Our country still trusts and relies on foreigners and other governments for our own national security and that is what will eventually become our downfall.

The facts are that the "agency" has been seriously affected by political correctness and partisan politics to the point that is now more of a danger to us than it is a help. If someone is not 'on the team' so to speak and opposes what our country does, "hates Bush" or the way we as a nation are conducting foreign policy then they need to be identified and dealt with immediately. This is NOT happening now. When you have a career agent who hopes something bad will happen to discredit the administration so that George Bush and the GOP will be discredited and proceeds to leak information thereby with the intention of thwarting work that is being done - you have a problem. Even more so when you don't even realize it is happening.

The asumption seems to foolishly and naively made that we have friends and foreign partners who share our same interests. Simply put, We don't. Every country has only their own interests at stake.

Reagan taught us to trust but verify. That is kind of difficult to do when you no longer know who to trust and you have come to rely on others to do your verification work for you.

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