Sep 12, 2005

"Know Thy Homosexual"

This is a photo of Alexander Westerhoff and Thomas Lang, two intolerant mean-spirited and manipulative homosexuals who are intent on publishing the names and addresses of those opposed to same-sex marriage on the internet at the following website

The purpose the website is clearly intended to instigate other homosexuals and their supporters to seek, confront and intimidate voters in Massachusetts who are opposed to same-sex marriage. Thomas Lang has stated the following -

"I'm going to be aggressive personally," he said. "I want to know that the people I do business with are not against (gay marriage). This is going to be won by economics."

Despite an excoriating editorial by the Boston Herald accusing this 'ambiguously sane duo' of intimidation and calls from other activists to remove the website, Thomas Lang has issued the following defiant press release today where he states -

"It's the same-sex couples and their children who have been singled out by the Massachusetts Family Institute to have their rights eliminated who really need to be protected."

The truth of the matter is that same-sex couples do not have children, they have other people's children. What kind of sick perverted mind would even consider using children as a bargaining tool to manipulate the emotions of their adversaries in order to further their own selfish agenda?

Don't be fooled, the issue at hand is not, nor has it ever been about rights or discrimination. Homosexuals have always had the right to get married, just like everone else. No more and no less rights than you or I. The issue is solely about changing the definition of marriage to include same-sex marriage, something that the citizens of the United States have repeatably and overwhelmingly opposed. There is a fine line between discrimination and simply forcing others to condone or sanction an aberrance.

I would urge those concerned to seek out both Mr. Westerhoff and Mr. Lang ask that they remove their hateful and intolerant website, to respect the constructs of a civil and democratic society and to let them know that all citizens have the right to vote with a clear conscience and without the fear of intimidation or reprisals.

Alexander Westerhoff and Thomas Lang
3 Colburn Rd
Manchester, MA 01944
(978) 526-9707


Alexander Westerhoff and Thomas Lang c/o
Westerhoff Antiques
144 Main St
Essex, MA 01929
(978) 768-3830


From the website -

Thomas Lang
95 Uptack Rd
Groveland, MA 01834
(978) 373-1403

Alex can also be reached on his cell phone at 978-335-9568


  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Wonder if Lang charges admission to his basement glory hole?

  2. Anonymous12:00 AM

    These 2 were just creepy from the get go. Lang would sit and sniff poppers while Westerhoff fucked a twink. Now, it's just Lang in the antique store but rumor is he still keeps his gloryhole open in the basement.


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