Sep 27, 2005

Twilight in Southern Thailand

"Senje Di Siam Selatan"

Last year it was origami "peace bombs" in a futile attempt to quell the violence in Southern Thailand. This year it was to be free televisions, cable and English football but the Saudi clerics, not to be out-matched, were quick to riposte with an adroit "hat trick" of their own by declaring football un-islamic.

After the brutal, sadistic and sub-human torture and killing of Sub-Lieutenant Vinai Nabut and Petty Officer Khamthon Thongeiat and the the continued violence, the ball is now in Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's court.

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has ambiguously vowed that "justice will be served", but the reality is that he sits there helpless, bound and unduly restrained by Western liberalism and political correctness, Thaksin like many other world leaders have found themselves on the receiving end of this 'new and improved' recrudescent fascism cloaked in a facade of religion.

Fearing that any harsh actions might anger foreign governments and investors, who remain intent on somehow finding a solution through appeasement, Thaksin is left there alone to precariously ponder the 'parsimony of postulates' while he remains enfeebled by Western inconsistancies.

It's not religious freedom or economic development that Southern Thailand's Muslims want. It is autonomy and the desire to create an Islamic sultanate, and yet many of the West's so-called experts continue to claim that crime, money and influence are the factors that fuel the violence.

When the West succeeds in filleting the facade of religion from fascism then the real war on terror can finally begin.

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