Feb 20, 2006

Yellow Journalism and the Yellow Journalist

Mike Fancher the editor of the Seattle Times seems to have no problem publishing offensive photos of Abu Ghraib or insensitive photos of the coffins containing the bodies of dead American soldiers. Where he draws the line is in publishing the Danish cartoons that have sparked an international crisis.

Mike Fancher in a pathetic editorial in the Seattle Times explains that showing the cartoons is not worth it to hurt readers. Where was Mr. Mike Fancher's empathy and compassion for the relatives of dead American soldiers?

Mike Fancher quotes Birdwell in stating that "I just don't understand the point of intentionally offending a portion of our readers." and yet fails to understand that his editorial cartoons published daily in the Seattle Times are fully meant to offend a portion of his readers.

Perhaps a shameful and spineless American such as Mike Fancher needs a brave and courageous Dutch woman such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali to explain to him what freedom is all about.

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