May 31, 2006

Ich Bin Ein Binladner

Der Spiegle is reporting that German intelligence forces recently thwarted suicide attacks in Iraq by three German women.

In the article, reporter Matthias Gebauer admits albeit shamefully that ~

"There have been several such cases in the past and German security officials have long been worried that Islamic militants are increasingly recruiting young Muslims with German passports for suicide attacks...[sic]"

Mentioning that one of the women was a convert to Islam, we are left to wonder if these were in fact young Muslim immigrants with German passports refusing to assimilate into German culture and society or if they were in fact something other than first generation Germans. The article seems in fact to allude to the later.

Instead of laying the blame on Islamic militants for recruting gullible Germans, perhaps the Germans need to take time and reflect and perhaps ask themselves how their country has in recent years become such a fertile ground for recrudescent Islamic extremism and fundamentalism.

Today's Germany is more of a cult rather than a nation with it's citizens suffering the psychosis of self-hatred perpetuated by the endless indoctrination constantly reminding Germans of he dark side of Nationalism. With a sense of guilt naturally following their aggression, Is it really any wonder that so many Germans have been driven to the other end of the spectrum?

And so, like a moth to a flame, Germans have blindly embraced the destructive ideology of multiculturalism (de-nationalism) and socialism to their own demise.

Faced now with a determined adversary possessing an unflagging conscience and emboldened by a sense of a moral superiority, the future of Germany looks dhim.

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