Aug 13, 2006

How the West Fuels the Fires of Islamic Fascism

Twenty years of total immersion in Muslim society and culture not only gives one a prescience of how to forstall the recrudescent rise of Islamic fascism and fundamentalism in the West, but gives one an intimate knowledge and insight into the way of thinking of my host. An ability to understand and empathize that simply goes beyond description.

Twenty years ago time stopped for me, I left my native country in search of not only fame and fortune, but for the experience and exposure as well. I never realized how invaluable the knowledge that I have acquired would become in a post 9/11 world. Wanting desperately to share my knowledge gained over the many years abroad, my only challenge has been finding someone to listen.

The West has become inundated today with a plethora of pundits, so-called experts and special interest groups who all suddenly emerged after 9/11, with each one professing to be an expert on the situation and the problems we face today.

Despite all of this, the biggest dilemma still facing the West today is the total inability to understand the the mind of their adversaries at home and abroad.

Asghar Bukhari of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, which advocates Muslim involvement in the democratic process and opposes violence, said, "It's not hard to comprehend the mind of a Muslim." He said young British Muslims look around the world and "everywhere they are getting bombed," so they increasingly respond by saying, "Don't just sit down and take it -- let's fight them."

Strange and devoid of any fact, because the fact is that British Muslims around the world are not the ones getting bombed, unless of course they are in a pub or tavern somewhere.

Forget what the mainstream media and any multitude of foreign financed muslim lobbyist and humanitarian groups have to say, this has nothing to do with unemployment and definately nothing to do with America or Britain's foreign policy.

It should be painfully obvious to anyone that the problem is that these so-called British citizens simply don't consider themselves to be citizens of England.

Western Europe and much of America have in recent years found themselves hopelessly embroiled in this ongoing orgy of multiculturalism and diversity all at the expense of assimilation and integration. As our nations become increasingly Balkanized we have failed to see that we are the ones hanging ourselves on our own petards.

It is not to say that these jihadists and Muslim fascists within our midst are not without blame, but what can be expected when you have invited a multitude of short-fused, uneducated Muslim reprobates used to living in mud huts and eating Fear Factor food to immigrate to our countries and then foolishly encourage them to retain their own culture and backward uncivilized customs rather than assimilate?

Despite what the proponents of diversity, multiculturalism and tolerance have to say, all cultures are not equal. The concepts of multiculturalism and diversity are in actuality nothing more than a pernicious form of relativism that culminates ironically into a new form of intolerance. An intolerance to both freedom and democracy called fascism.


  1. haha Fear factor food... indeed. Like what? And where in SEA?

    So where's all your experience and invaluable knowledge stuff????

    Rather than smearing how westerners view other cultures, why don't you show us what your views are?

  2. Chicken's ass for one.

    Google "Bishop's Nose" here on the site.



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