Sep 24, 2006

190 Taliban Fighter Spared To Kill Again

“It was also reasonable to believe that, as he looked down at that photograph or looked down at the video, that a number of the people that were standing there at that funeral were Taliban fighters,” according to Lt. General Karl Eikenberry

But it’s what the picture didn’t show that ultimately led to the decision not to strike, Eikenberry said. Just outside the frame, he said, was an Afghan village.

It would seem that in today's world that warfare has changed, it has become for the United States unwinnable. What the General didn't say and what is perhaps the harsh painful reality is that our military's hands our tied by political correctness when it comes to winning the war on terrorism.

The General went on to say that ~

“So that commander made a decision, based upon our values as a people, based upon our values as a nation, that he would not strike,”

The General seems to be implying that our values as a people and as a nation have changed since 1945.

The General seems to think that to attack these terrorists under the circumstances would be immoral. Are they?

When our nation's brave soldiers are fighting for a just cause and are prepared to suffer death and mutilation in the process, nothing, no matter how venerable, can be allowed to weigh against the lives our fighting men. Every good commander must consider the morale and feelings of his fighting men first and foremost, and, what is equally important, the fighting men must know that their whole existence is in the hands of a leader in whom they have complete trust and confidence. Thus the commanding general must make it absolutely clear to his troops that they go into action under the most favourable conditions he has the power to order.

Today these 190 Taliban soldiers live, they live to kill Americans and other coalition troops again.

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