Jan 24, 2007

CNN Calls The Kettle Black

Watching the catfight between CNN, Fox, Insight and the New York Times with everyone dogpiling on Insight Magazine and then praising their own merits is almost enough to make someone ill.

Tracing the story and acting as the referee, the New York Times reports that CNN's political director Sam Feist had seen Insight's story being discussed on "Fox and Friends" and then decided to jet John Vause to Jakarta from Beijing to follow up on a "holy-cow political story"

The article then goes on to say:

"The president of CNN US, Jon Klein, said that his network’s report was “not a response to Fox per se, though they did seem to relish repeating the Insight-reported rumor without bothering to — or being able to — ascertain the facts.”

And now this is where it gets funny... Just what did CNN do to ascertain the facts?

CNN's so-called debunking in in itself a fluff piece with it's own factual inacuracies and appears in it's closing to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Obama camp.

CNN didn't bother to see the other school that Obama attended and if they would have they would have found out that the dates and much of the information Obama has provided is not completely factual.

For a source CNN interviews a youthful Bandug Winadijanto who claims to have been a classmate of Obama's and yet mysteriously he seems to have evaded giving any interviews to the Indonesian media for the last several months. It is almost as if he appeared out of nowhere just in time for John Vause's interview.

I find it surprising that CNN didn't talk to Obama's classmates Rony Amir or Emirsyah Satar the CEO of Garuda Indonesia who have been describing to the Indonesian media how Obama was a such a very religious and devout Muslim.

In closing the report quotes Obama as if to present it as fact:

"Obama has noted in his two books, "Dreams From My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope," that he spent two years in a Muslim school and another two years in a Catholic school while living in Indonesia from age 6 to 10."

So there you have it folks. No need to do any real investigative reporting of your own, just repeat what Obama has said and present it as fact.

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