Jan 3, 2007

"Useful Infidels"

For those of you unfamiliar with the Transportation Security Administration or rather the TSA, it is an executive agency that was formed after 9/11 as part of the Department of Homeland Security who's sole purpose is to protect American travellers.

Imagine the irony and the absolute horror to hear now that the 45,000 law enforcement and intelligence personnel of this executive agency are to receive "sensitivity training" from an organization with ties to terrorism.

CAIR is described on the TSA website as America's largest Islamic civil liberties group, what they don't tell you is that CAIR has a long history of ties to terrorism.

Now imagine if you can that the year is 1941 and members of the German-American Bund, along with German consular officials are being given a tour of our nation's airport and security facilities and then being allowed to give "sensitivity training" classes to our law enforcement and security officials all because Nazi Germans entering the United States are claiming to being 'unfairly singled out' and questioned with regards to their connections to the Nazi regime.

You can't can you? Neither can I.

Have we as a nation become so delusional and blindly desirous of somehow breaching the multicultural chasm that divides us that we would willingly subject ourselves to Orwellian "re-education" in the hopes that we can somehow appease our adversaries?

In recent years we have taken to this tolerance, diversity and sensitivity rhetoric and nonsense like a moth to a flame and become nothing more that "useful infidels" in the service of Islamic facism.

Our continued lack of resolve and resolution does nothing more than demonstrate our weakness and sadly we cannot see that it is this that continues to embolden our adversaries.


  1. Well said. It is reason such as yours that will be eventually be seen by enough to make a difference. Our way of life depends on it. Keep up the reason. Don

  2. What did you think of Bush's speech? I didn't hear it but was apprised on news talk radio of the message and the proposals. Is it realistic to expect any lasting level of stability that would allow a functioning government the authority to ensure civil liberties, on the order of those we enjoy here in the U.S., to all Iraqi citizens? It is certainly in the interest of the U.S. and the world that this happens. Don

  3. I think a good reason to be nice to the average Muslim is that the average Muslim is not a terrorist or even a terror supporter. There are millions of Muslims in-country. If even a few hundred had given shelter to terrorists post-9/11, we'd be looking at events like the Madrid bombing - in American cities. I think people need to suppress their prejudices in public - that's what good manners are all about, aren't they? Whatever they may think of some facets of someone's personality, it is good form - as service personnel - for them to present a friendly face to all and sundry.

  4. Anonymous9:39 AM

    You call your blog common sense? Stop writing garbage that pre-supposes that all muslim americans are terror supporters. With the flick of a switch, the media has you brainwashed into hating all muslim american groups. As if you even questioned it! Did you ever think for a second of the accusations of terror-support against CAIR are even true? Did you even go to verify their authenticity? You talk on your blog as if you know stuff, when in fact you're really just loving the sound of your own writing.

    Laotze is turning in his grave that a poser like you would ever assume his name. Go back to being a Brown or a Smith or a Jones. South East Asia doesnt welcome you.


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