May 17, 2007

Airport Toilet Proselytization

Remember the Hare Krishnas? These guys were the masters of airport proselytization and all done under the guise of "freedom of speech". Times were different then, Americans were free to object to a pack of filthy unkempt hippies conducting their religious rituals and hitting you up for cash in a public airport without the fear of being labled a hateful bigot or a "Hare Krishnaphobe", alas but times have changed.

Exit Hare Krishna, enter Islam. Now that the hippies have all but left the airport concourses the Somali cab drivers have taken their place and entered the airport toilets. Now while you are sitting there attempting to relieve yourself, you can listen to a filthy unkempt Somali cab driver conduct his religious rituals. Object to this intrusion and you risk being labeled a hateful bigot or an Islamaphobe. My how times have changed.

Conservative Beach Girl reports that Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix is the latest airport in the United States to capitulate to Muslim religious demands. This time though it isn't the cab drivers who pay for the additions required to ensure that the restrooms comply with Islamic jurisprudence, but the airport passengers who will be forced to pay.

The story on Kansas City's prior capitulation might have caused a minor uproar, but the Islamization of America and the dhimmitude of the nation's people continues unabated and fueled by America's ongoing "conflict of conscience" in dealing with the political and sociological aspects of an political ideology that is enshrined and cloaked in nothing more than a facade of religion. It is the inability to filet the political aspects from the religion that will eventually lead to the bloody internal conflicts America will face in dealing with this "war of cultures" in the months and years ahead.

Read carefully what Ahmed Tharwat the host of Belahdan, an Arab-American television show (also funded by American taxpayers) has to say on the issue.

"...Moslems may complain about a lot of issues, but I do not think they complain nearly enough about their daily torture at public bathrooms, where they provide you with condoms as an incentive for casual clean sex but are severely under equipped for a thorough washing... Water is the essential element for a thorough cleaning—toilet paper will not suffice. You can say all you want about Muslims, but when it comes to the cultural issues of washing and personal hygiene requirements, we are very meticulous, especially with bathroom rituals...[sic]"

There you have it, the subtle sophistry of the Muslim demands that highlights the dichotomy between the clean and the unclean, the Muslim and the infidel.

Emboldened by our nations' collective "conflict of conscience" and our impotence brought on by political correctness, a haughty and pompous Mr. Ahmed Tharwat and his co-religionists are ever too eager to educate and indoctrinate the filthy Western infidels on the hygienic benefits of Islamic cleansing rituals and in the process hopefully gain a few converts. You don't need to visit a mosque now to learn about Islam now, just visit the restrooms at the Minneapolis and Phoenix airports.

Not only does our nation encourage the dualistic dogma proselytized by Mr. Ahmed Tharwat and his co-religionists by our kowtowing to this endless stream of "demands", but now we pay for it as well.

I never thought I would live to see the day when Americans would become so desirous of somehow breaching the cultural chasm that divides the Muslim world and the Western world that they would willingly sacrifice their own convictions and ardent beliefs on the altar of political correctness.

Is there really any hope this time for a people who have been silenced by political correctness and who live in fear of being labled an Islamophobe should they dare to question the subversion of their own culture and nation?


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