May 22, 2007

Al Gore's Global Assault on Dignity

The last time Al Gore was in Malaysia was in November of 1998 where he as Vice President proceeded to insult not only the government, but the people of Malaysia with his haughty diplomatic mealtime blunder.

Devoid of any humilty, the former United States Vice President continues to leave behind an international trail of disaster with his sanctimonious sermonizing around the globe.

Al Gore is the epitome the arrogant ugly American.

He blames all the world's ills on either his hosts, his own country and on George Bush and like a monkey at the zoo, throwing his own feces, he draws in the crowds to watch and listen to him spew his virulent hatred and contempt. What he fails to understand is that the world watches him in the same way that Americans watch the Jerry Springer show.

If Al Gore was sincerely concerned about global warming then he should perhaps practice a little grace and humilty and stay focused on the message that he wants to deliver instead of hurling invectives at his adversaries. But Al Gore is not focused, nor can he control his bitterness and that in itself brings into question not only his sincerity, but his motives as well.

Only last week at a dinner party here attended by several ambassadors, diplomats and royalty, an ambassador from a European country commented to me that Al Gore still seems extreemly bitter at his loss to George W. Bush in the United States Presidential election and then asked me if I thought it might have driven Al Gore insane.

Living overseas as an American is highly enlightening. The reason why the much of world hates us is not because of George Bush or the War in Iraq. It's because of people like Al Gore, Michael Moore and various other liberals and members of the Democratic Party who like airing America's dirty laundry and are intent on encouraging others around the globe to hate us.

Each and every time I hear an countries nationals commenting at how the United States is the source of all the world's evil and human rights abuses, they always seem to be quoting the scathing rhetoric of some well known American liberal or Democrat.

The American story is still getting out though, the message of freedom, democracy and what we as a nation truly stand for. Thats what I do.



  1. He reminds me of an Ox.
    After inventing the internet, he now is the founder of the new CCR -Climate Change Religion.
    The originall CCR had better music of course.

  2. Anonymous7:37 PM

    "Has he gone insane?"

    Don't know if you're registering this from afar, expatguy, but we see a lot of that here with the Rats.

    Howard Dean, Rosie ODonnell, the Koz Kids, DUmmies, John Kerry, et. A very long list of Democrats consumed by hatred and Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS).

    And it all seems to emanate from and circulate around Al Gore and his 2000 election loss.

    An interesting phenomena is that BDS and generalized Rat hatred and anger doesn't seem drive the Clinton machine. For them it's sheer ambition and 110 percent dedication to 2008. I think they could care less about Al Gore or the 2000 election, their eye is on the prize of 2008 and there's little room for BDS.

    Which is why there's an ongoing call for Angry Al to join the race. The Democrat "base" - which is overwhelming dominated by haters and BDS victoms - needs the rallying call of hatred and revenge which finds its source only in Angry Al Gore. Hitlery is not sufficiently "passionate" ("angry") to rally the haters, and her cool and dispassionate campaign doesn't resonate.

  3. It is interesting to hear from 'one of us' living elsewhere. Getting a view we don't often hear at home.



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