Jun 23, 2007

An Anatomy of Islamic Outrage

If it wasn't for Britain's latest display showing their collective conflict of conscience which was timidly expressed by Britain's Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett the latest row alleging Islamic indignation from the "Muslim world" might never have gotten off the ground. Margaret Beckett's "expression of sorrow" however was quickly interpreted overseas as an implied admission of Western guilt and intolerance.

In what was nothing more that another cleverly orchestrated political ploy by Islamic political parties, denunciations and riots seemed to erupt in several Islamic majority countries almost simultaneously over the knighthood of Salman Rushdie. Recognized clearly as a political ploy here in Malaysia the movement failed to gather any traction however in Indonesia and Pakistan the movement has found some traction which provides an accurate barometer that is indicative not only of the pertinacity of the Islamic fundamentalists in those countries but the political instability there as well.

What Malaysia seems to understand the West fails to understand is that not only is this alleged outrage manufactured, but it is founded in the political aspirations of extremists rather than their alleged indignation. Often finding themselves marginalized in an increasingly developed world the followers of fundamentalist parties grow in fervor as their numbers diminish and the prophecies of their leaders go unfulfilled. Marginalized at home, their only recourse seems to found on an international stage from an ever compliant West.

Islamic fundamentalists have learned over the years that their rage and violence gives birth to concessions and political power from an ever compliant America and Europe who suffer from a collective psychosis of self-hatred, who will embroil themselves in endless mental masturbation ultimately blaming themselves and the rest of us, never realizing that they have been duped all along.

Once again, we have a choice, we can prostrate ourselves before the the tenets of multiculturalism, diversity and "religious tolerance" and thrust another of our own into the volcano of Islamic rage hoping that we can appease and quell the insatiable hunger of our perpetually offended Islamic overlords or we can stand firm and resolute in our commitment to moral absolutism, human dignity, individual freedom, social justice and the sanctity of life. The choice is ours.

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