Jun 19, 2007

Malaysia's Nude Dancing Voodoo Lady

Malaysia's Star newspaper reports a story about a nude dancing bomoh from Kota Baru in Northeast Malaysia up near the Thai border. The female "bomoh" (witchdoctor) apparently dances in the nude with young men as part of her "treatment for patients".

A teacher brought his sick wife to the bomoh, who danced in the nude with some of her "kept" men and then the "ibu" (mother) would sit on a chair with a yellow umbrella over her uttering unintelligible incantations which sounded like the singing of Quranic verses according to the teacher.

The story gave me a chuckle and reminded me of Richard Pryor's comedic characterization of the fictional Mudbone, the wino philosopher who takes his friend Toodlums to the see the voodoo lady in Jefferson to remove a mojo. Unlike Toodlums though, who ended up being turned into a polar bear with "tiny feets", the Malaysian teacher and his wife luckily escaped unharmed.


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  2. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Best I can suggest for you is to come out here yourself and see if the life of an expat is for you you.

    Sometimes looks can be deceiving.



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