Sep 8, 2007

The American Security Project Jihad

In a recently released report entitled "Are We Winning: Measuring Progress in the Struggle Against Violent Jihadism", the American Security Project, a self-proclaimed non-partisan "think tank" would lead us to believe that the overall war on terrorism is being lost.

Dr. Bernard Finel the main author of this empirical report, lists a total of ten metrics which are purported to effectively gauge America's progress in the "War on Terrorism". Without questioning the veracity in some of the report's data, the compilation of which, seems to presented in such a way that the suitably disposed are led to a self-evident and foregone conclusion.

Despite the ten metrics, the crux of the report seems to focus on what is described as a "dramatic increase in the jihadist violence since 2003". Okay, I know you might be wondering why 2003 rather than 2001? Well therein actually lies the central theme of this non-biased report which is an attempt by the authors to link the War in Iraq to a global rise in terrorism.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing and misleading aspects of the report, besides the obvious bias, is the intent by the authors to draw a correlation between the lack of civil liberties and economic opportunities as somehow contributing to a propensity to inspire radicalism. Not only is erroneous and misleading, but the authors of the report seem to ultimately concede this fact themselves in the conclusion of the report by stating:

"There is virtually no understanding of the specific dynamics within Muslim communities that lead some individuals to radicalism. Further, we have little ability to assess the appeal of religious arguments that may sustain or undermine jihadism."

Considering that the authors of this report in a recent podcast couldn't give a straight answer with regards to Al Qaeda being Shi'a or Sunni, I think the need for a little more time spent in the "think tank" is in order.

It's often been said that if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. Other than political posturing it's questionable as to what purpose this compilation of facts and figures presented "ala Michael Moore" actually serve, and if they are meant to contribute to winning the war on terrorism or just adding more hubris to the national debate. But what would I know, I'm just a blogger sitting here in my pajamas. "Let's let the people decide!"


  1. Dude, the American Security Project or whatever they want to call themselves are galloping Libruls. Libtards. Jfing Kerry is a member for G-d's sake! And some of the most vile and anti-American Dhimmicrats on the planet.

    Sheesh. The only security they seek is submission to Allah.

    Don't quote them as anything but traitors.

  2. Okay, sorry. I just clicked thru and lost it. I apologize. You see them for the clueless useful idiots they are unless they are not clueless then they are just traitorous.


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