Sep 29, 2007

Burma: Victory Through Diplomacy

The video above broadcast by Fuji television network in Japan shows quite clearly a young Burmese soldier pointing his rifle at Japanese photojournalist Kenji Nagai and deliberately shooting him from close range. Kenji Nagai armed with nothing more than a camera, didn't stand a chance.

In a meeting at UN headquarters in New York, Japanese Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura told his Burmese counterpart Friday that the death of Nagai was "extremely regrettable and we will lodge a stern protest."


No, Mr. Komura, the murder of Kenji Nagai is not regrettable. It is an abject outrage. It is an outrage that craven impotent diplomats find themselves powerless to do anything more than issue "stern protests".

One of the most shocking and frightening aspects of the world today is that our nation's leaders continue to find themselves incapable of recognizing totalitarianism and tyranny. It is an outrage that diplomats, leaders and nations today have failed to learn from history and that they continue to find themselves impervious in owning up to the reality that there can never be any negotiation with tyranny. It is this epitome of denial and self delusion that leads to cognitive dissonance.

Even more disturbing is the propensity of those to resolve this cognitive dissonance through acts of diplomacy. It's anyone's guess what Japan hopes to achieve by dispatching a senior official to Burma. But by urging Burma to resolve this situation by punishing the perpetrator Japan and the West, for that matter, only succeed in deluding themselves into thinking that justice in this case can ultimately be achieved through diplomacy. As long as they can remain in power, the military junta of Burma will be all to happy to feed the collective psychosis that hopelessly enslaves Japan and the rest of the world by simply putting a bullet in the head of the young Burmese soldier who shot and killed Kenji Nagai. And as such, the "diplomatic crisis" with Burma ends. Japanese diplomats can return home waving the death certificate of a Burmese soldier and proclaiming à la Neville Chamberlain that justice and victory has been achieved.

How many more Kenji Nagai's and Burmese citizens will have to die before the world musters the courage and resolve to remove this tyrannical totalitarian regime from power?

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