Mar 12, 2008

Good Luck Barry...! From Indonesia


"Good Luck, Barry!" the shout gave birth to Indonesia's Obama Fan Club established by the childhood friends and alumni of the Democrat party's presidential candidate.

The shout of support was given by 18 childhood friends of Barack Obama from when he went to school at SDN 01 Menteng (Besuki Primary School), Indonesia on Saturday, March 1st at 2:30pm.

18 from the original 40 of Barack Obama's classmates gathered around in the schoolyard against a backdrop on the roof that read "Good Luck Barry".

"Not all of Obama's friends could come" There are those who are deceased and those that no longer live in the area said Sonni Gondokusuman, one of the alumni of SDN Menteng.

The Obama Fan Club was formed to show support for Obama. "This is our way of showing our support for Barry" said the coordinater of the Obama Fan Club, Rully Dasaad

"From the first time I saw him on televison, I knew Barry was ambitious" He has wisdom. I am sure he will win said Rully who is a professional photographer.

Would Rully and his friend's hope be realized?

Obama Fan Club: Good Luck Barry


  1. On Shrillary:

    Everyone else in the media is pounding Hillary Clinton for her tale, now shown to be fanciful, of dodging bullets on a Bosnian tarmac as first lady. But if you're looking for the best recent example of the lengths Mrs. Clinton will go to win the Democratic Presidential nod, consider that last week in Philadelphia she used Joe and Valerie Wilson as campaign props.

  2. SDN Menteng? Hmmmm, I thought his primary school was in Cilandak.

  3. Obama has given hope to my students and we all look forward to a future of hope with a President Obama.

    Truth First is Obama

  4. Obama's ex-classmates don't seem to look the archetypical Indonesian Muslim conservatives that they would've been if half the conspiracy theories on Obama's old school was true.


  5. Expat. This is to inform you that our private investigators have completed their report on the identities of Texas "Darlin" and other FR miscreants like you.

    We will be publishing the Investigator's final report and associated dosier on Monday next week.


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