Mar 2, 2008

Rick Moran Succumbs to Obama Mania

Here at "An American Expat in Southeast Asia" I try to write about the subjects that I have an intimate knowledge of. Subjects that pertain to Southeast Asia and ones where I can offer a clear and concise analysis of and a perspective from an American citizen here. Many of my posts here regarding Barack Obama starting in January of 2007 have been my own direct translations of Indonesian media reports along with my own analysis and opinion of how Barack Obama's bid for the presidency is viewed here in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In fact the very first English language translations on the web of the life of a young "Barry Soetoro" were first posted here back in January of 2007. I've spent a lot of time researching Barack Obama in Indonesia and interviewing people in the region. Speaking the language and having spent much of my adult over here, I think I am fairly qualified to opine on the matter.

That is why I took issue with a recent post by Rick Moran at Rightwing Nuthouse entitled 'Enough With All Of This "Obama Is A Mooslim" Crap'. In a haughty long-winded screed aimed at fellow conservatives Rick Moran wielded a broad brush and accused his fellow conservatives of being "ignorant" and "unschooled" for having the audacity to dare question issues pertaining to Barack Hussein Obama's Muslim heritage. I emailed Rick Moran and asked him to clarify his remarks with regard to how Muslims elsewhere perceive Barack Obama and his Muslim heritage what Moran had considered "bizarre". In a Pavlovian response, Rick Moran accused me of being a "bigot" and that he didn't "give a shit" what I had to say regarding Obama. Needless to say, I was taken aback. This is the type of response I've come to expect from the Obama fanbois but one that I didn't expect to receive from a self-proclaimed conservative. Surely one would think that substance trumps symbolism, but apparently not for Rick Moran.

For Rick Moran, it's quite simple, and that is the the veracity of these reports regarding Barack Obama's heritage or patriotism is not to be made an issue of. What is an issue for Rick Moran though is the audacity of conservatives to dare tread into what Moran and his liberal cohorts consider to be an illegitimate area of inquiry. For Moran, simple things like facts though are irrelevant. Exacerbating Moran's agony it seems was the publishing of a photograph of Barack Obama dressed as some sort of Muslim goat herder. The same Barack Obama who won't wear an American flag pin on his lapel.

Between now and November I will continue to translate Indonesian media reports and offer a perspective from Southeast Asia offering a fresh insight when I can. And if I uncover photos, I'll see that they get published as well. I will stand by what i have said previously that an Obama presidency will be disastrous for Southeast Asia and to the overall war on terrorism. I'm also not alone in my sentiments. Greg Sheridan has also recently voiced his concerns on how an Obama presidency will affect the region. In the end though it will be for the American voters to decide.

And Rick Moran? As far as I'm concerned, Mr. Moran can sit there on his fat ass in front of the computer screen with his bag of Doritos and can of Diet Coke and stew all he wants. Eventually he will have to come to the bitter realization that his hubris and sanctimonious sermonizing contribute nothing to the national debate or to the marketplace of ideas.


  1. I don't know what you know, living in Asia like you do, but you should know that being a good leader is more than symbols.

    Barack Obama is also Scottish, Irish, American Indian, French and more. He was raised by a white Kansas grandfather who marched across Europe with Patton's army and a grandmother who was a Rosie the Riveter in WWII.

    Why don't you read his book about his upbringing. He's given it much more thought and research than you ever will.
    Sincerely from Philadelphia

  2. I am a volunteer for the Obama campaign in Singapore and have lived in Southeast Asia for ten years now. I dont agree with your politics but I have a healthy appreciation for any american who speaks more than one language so I subscribe to your blog and read your posts.

    I think you are being intellectually dishonest in how you describe Obama's past in Indonesia. I can't accuse you of lying but maybe you can clarify something:

    In Singapore children of mixed race couples have thier fathers race printed on thier Identification Card. This "IC number" is the one number that identifies you for the rest of your life as a Singaporean.

    I am a white guy, (originally from texas) married to a mix chinese/malay women who was raised a muslim. My childs IC describes him as "caucasian". I am sending him to a local school in Singapore (methodist affiliated). Since he does not have a Chinese name the school automatically assumes that he is

    A) Not a chinese speaker
    b) He will not be participating in Chapel at school (he has an islamic middle name).

    The reality is I am a buddhist and can speak chinese and my wife is a non-practicing muslim whose mother tongue is malay. THe school system in Singapore autmatically assumes that our boy will be muslim and attending malay classes just based on his parentage and his name.

    Obama's mother and father were not rich, they sent him to public schools, in Indonesia (the worlds largest muslim country) most schools have some muslim teaching. (In Malaysia Chinese people go to Chinese schools).

    Isn't true that anyone, yourself included, born to a mixed race couple and attending a normal (non chinese language) public school in Indonesia would go to a school where ISlam is practiced in some way.

    I am not a christian but I dont pull my boy out of chapel because I want him to make his own choice. I assert that B. Obama's mother had the same type of "liberal" mindset about the spirituality of her son...expose him to as many faiths as possible and let him choose his own path.

    Isn't this a more plausible explanation than a global liberal media cover-up led by CNN but requiring the assistance of Indonesian authorities to hide the fact that Obama is some secret Islamic brother?

    Seriously...You need to move on from this topic.

  3. "I am a volunteer for the Obama campaign in Singapore and have lived in Southeast Asia for ten years now. I dont agree with your politics but I have a healthy appreciation for any american who speaks more than one language so I subscribe to your blog and read your posts."

    Fair enough, thank you for your kind compliments and hopefully given time we'll be able to convince you here on the evils of collectivism.

    On the next issue which I believe is the crux of your argument.

    "Why should Obama be held accountable for his religious upbringing as a child?"

    If you think that is the issue, then you are mistaken. The issue is not Barack Obama's religious upbringing, but rather his deception regarding that upbringing. I'm sure you have seen the comments from other Obama supporters here who have conceded that fact and then moved on to question the relevance.

    The majority of Americans, myself included find this kind of Clintonian equivocation employed by Obama to be disgraceful and unbecoming of someone who aspires to lead our nation. Quite simply it will lead to his downfall.

    Obama and his supporters know in their hearts that the truth will come out - it always does - and as such they want everyone to just "move on". But we're not playing for toothpicks here Mr. Brown. This is the Presidency of the United States we're talking about. Something that we can't and won't allow Barack Obama to disgrace.

    It is going to get bloody between now and Novemember I can assure you that, but our difference in politics aside, hopefully we can meet up one day since we happen to be neighbors. It would be nice. Drop me a line sometime when you're around. Oh and forget the causeway, I spent over 3 hours this past weekend in the traffic jam - so... Mana Mat Selamat ?!


  4. Lao,

    Even Karl Rove has pleaded with conservative hacks to stop this nonsensical 'Obama is a muslim' meme.

    However, you are a grown man, it is your blog.

  5. Lao,

    I now understand where you are coming from. The Republican party is so narrow minded that only Southern Baptists, Methodists and Evangelicals can be presidential candidates.

    Romney could not win your nomination because he is a mormon.

    By your silly talk, you are handing over Muslim Americans to the Republican party.

    For an American who lives in South East Asia you are astonishingly narrow minded.


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