Apr 27, 2011

No Hippies Allowed

Immigration Department - Phuket, Thailand
Despite efforts at their eradication, hippies, leftists and liberals continue to be a problem overseas and here at "An American Expat in Southeast Asia" we are doing our utmost to fight the problem, but we need your help.

Donald Trump is right, we have a problem overseas and this problem originates in Washington DC.

We have a problem when our nation's ambassadors and diplomats castigate our fellow Americans  back home for simply exercising their constitutional rights and then having the audacity to say overseas "I wish he were not American".   You can help.

Like Barack Obama, I've lived in Southeast Asia, albeit a long longer than Obama did. But unlike Barack Obama I've never been subscriber to cultural or moral equivalency nor have I felt compelled to deride my own country in a a pathetic effort to establish that equivalency.  I know that deriding my own country overseas only emboldens those who deny freedom and liberty to others.  As an advocate of American exceptionalism, I've always felt myself compelled to spread the message of what is good about America rather than what is bad, but as always we are fighting an uphill battle.

How can you help?  You can help by making a donation, however big or small and support this blog and  the work we do.  
Help us to fight Obama and spread the message of what is good about America.

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