May 13, 2006

Rub and a Tug

Both Malaysia and Singapore have numerous so-called health centers in almost every shopping center and in almost all hotels. It is not just a massage that the majority of the places have on offer but in addition to your massage for an extra charge you can get a hetrosexual hand job offered by a Juicy Fruit chewing young girl.

In Singapore almost every shopping center has at least one of these so-called "health centers" all designed exclusively to relieve the paying customer of those nagging erections you get while shopping for a pair of Reeboks.

Unfortunately, for the muslim man in Malaysia and Singapore, getting a massage and/or a "rub and a tug" from a female masseur at one of these establishments is something considered "haram" in Islam. Many of the hotels and shopping centers that have massage centers are required to have a sign posted inside informing their potential muslim customers that getting a massage from a women is absolutely off limits. Of course getting a massage from another man is considered perfectly okay.

Something that seems to be growing in popularity here in recent years for the muslim male is the establishment of massage centers designed for men only with young male masseurs offering a variety of sevices including a so-called traditional Malay massage called "urut tenaga batin" or a "manhood massage". Of course the special "manhood massage" costs a lot more than the traditional Malay massage.

Sadly, this Singaporean got a lot more than he bargained for when he got his traditional "urut batin" massage. And to answer his question, the answer is 'yes'.


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

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