Dec 21, 2004

Multiculturalism and Diversity the Bane of Democracy and Freedom

Years ago when I first landed over here I was impressed and in awe with how the Chinese, Indians and Malays here could live in what seemed to be a multiculturalist's utopia. There is no melting pot here, no assimilation, what we have here is a never ending celebration of ethnic diversity. Little India, Chinatown and the Kampong all living under one umbrella.

Many in the West have been enamoured and envious of the perceived social stabilty and economic growth rates exhibited by countries in Southeast Asia. Multiculturism and diversity are heralded as the primary catalyst for development, growth and ingenuity by those in power here who are themselves behind the scenes constantly doing all they can to defuse ethnic and religious timebombs.

To maintain this order and to ensure steady economic growth, stability both social and political, many are seemingly willing to initially forgo civil liberties in return for safetly and stability. It is the safety and security of the nation that comes first before the individual. Countries such as Malaysia and Singapore prize stability and consensus while eschewing Western-style democracy which they claim has an emphasis on political conflict and debate.

Freedom of speech and Freedom of the Press here are pratically nonexistant - When the subject comes up from time to time, people are reminded "too much freedom is a bad thing" because individuals by nature will take advantage of subnational minority and ethnic groups. It is after all the rights of the minority that must be protected. If that does not work, then simply turn on the television in America or the West and take look at the unbridled decadence and narcissism being broadcast around the world - ask yourself if this is freedom or simply a free for all.

Sometimes as I sit over here watching from abroad the developments in the United States and in Europe I am frightened at what I see happening. The ongoing orgy of multiculturism and diversity at the expense of assimilation and integration is fueling the further balkanization of the United States and Europe. Before long we end up back where we started, never having learned a thing.

The concepts of multiculturism and diversity are in actuality nothing more than a pernicious form of relativism that culminates ironically into a new form of intolerance. An intolerance to both freedom and democracy. Multiculturism and diversity thrive here at the expense of freedom and liberty in what is often times refered to in politically correct terms now days as "Authoritative Democracy", in 1939 it was known for what it really was - fascism.


  1. Nope, there is no melting pot in Malaysia. The Malaysian identity cards still distinguish in terms of racial profiles.

  2. Recently I had to fill out some government forms down at Putra Jaya and there were two blanks asking for my religion and race. Under the blank "race" I entered the word "human".

  3. hi there :) It's good that you came across my site so now i can blogmark yours to read too! We're like complete opposites in that we've exchanged geographies and experiencing things that each has, in the past :)

    My hometown is in Batu Pahat, Johor and I'm really glad everyone is safe. On the one hand, i feel so thankful that Sumatra was there to buffer the waves, but on the other hand, i feel really bad for them.

    talk to you again soon

  4. Life in America must be quite different for you Letti. How are you handling all the freedom?


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