Dec 19, 2004

Sunday evening here. Got back quite early yesterday. I had a meeting downtown regarding a restaurant venture and then over to Finnegan's to have a few drinks with Frank Murphy the boss.

Frank has been in Malaysia and with Finnegan's ever since they first opened their first outlet in Bangsar over six years ago. Frank has a keen interest in politics however misguided and naive they might be. He is still not over the Kerry loss but give him time. If I could get him drinking Jack Daniels I can surely get him over to our side given time.

You can find Frank at Finnegan's in Kuala Lumpur. Stop in, have a drink and explain to him that Clinton won't be back.

What is it like living over here in a Muslim country? I'll try to cover that tomorrow.


  1. I will be back in KL in February for about 4 months. It has been a year since I was there. Has there been any measurable political change there since Mahathir retired? Saw your post on FR. I am International American there.

    Best, Tim

  2. Well Tim, I suppose the biggest change is that Mahathir is no longer the Prime Minister. One year is a long time, lots of things have changed. Look forward to seeing you over here.

  3. There have been a bunch of highly-publicised (in The Star, of course) arrests of mostly fringe politicians or ex-politicians. Small fry -- as a big show that the new post Mahathir government is doing something about corruption.

    So yeah, nothing's changed ;-)


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