Jan 14, 2005

Betrayal, Blackmail, Bribes and Extortion = Ceasefire (Part 2)

Late last night and early this morning with little sleep and after a flurry of phone calls we reported on the Abu Bakar Ba'asyir trial in Indonesia, how it not going as planned, how a former US State Department translator and interpretor for George W. Bush with his own unknown agenda has now betrayed his country and how this is related to he ceasefire in Aceh.

Kindly understand that unlike Mr. Burks, I am not a professional translator and interpretor, tapi saya cuba sebaik mungkin.

One has to wonder what would make a man betray his country in such a way, to act as a witness for a terrorist organization and to confide the name of a CIA agent to our enemies. Whatever it is, the damage that Burks has done so far, in and out of the courtroom, will have long lasting effects.

The story has now been picked up early this morning by newspapers in both Australia and Jakarta.

From Jakarta

"...Syafii also claimed that the United States government had meddled in the legal process against Ba'asyir..."

"...a former U.S. State Department translator seemed to give credence to Syafii's allegations"

From Australia

"...Mr Burks told the court he left the State Department because he had resented the insistence that he sign a security pledge..."

"...The prosecution attempted to undermine his testimony by forcing him to admit he had taken the drug ecstasy twice, years before the meeting"

more details coming soon...

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