Jan 14, 2005

Betrayal, Blackmail, Bribes and Extortion = Ceasefire

Last Friday some interesting developments went into play in Jakarta as two witnesses for the prosecution in the Abu Bakar Ba'asyir trial failed to turn up in court. Afterwards Ba'asyir wearing all white was escorted by two officers to friday prayers outside the compound where he is being held for the first time and was allowed to talk with reporters. Although this was a first, the story seemed to end there and none of the media outside Indonesia even bothered to pick up the story.

Just today things get a bit more interesting as Ba'asyir is allowed to speak and becomes vocal in his opposition to foreign military forces being involved in the humanitarian relief operations. Our sources tell us that Ba'asyir with the help of some high level friends might be offered a deal if he is willing to rein in his mujahidin who are now in Aceh, but Ba'asyir has his own conditions as well, and one of those conditions is that all foreigners including foreign forces leave Indonesia.

Now enter this guy who appears in court today singing like a bird.

This is Mr. Fred Burks a former translator to George W. Bush who for unknown reasons seems to go out of his way in bending over backwards to help the defense team and goes into great detail about a secret meeting on the evening of 16 September 2002 at the residence of Megawati Sukarnoputri between Ambassador Ralph L. Boyce, the Indonesian Expert in the National Security Council (NSC) Ms. Karen Brooks, Mr. Fred Burks and a CIA agent whom Ambassador Boyce introduced as a special envoy to President Bush.

According to Mr. Burks, the CIA agent then informs Megawati that President Bush wants her to arrest Ba'asyir and gives a time deadline that Ba'asyir must be arrested before the APEC Summit Conference in Cabos, Mexico in October 2002. Megawati declines and say that she cannot arrest Ba'asyir or she will face domestic problems because of Ba'asyir's popularity.

Can things get worse? They can if you tell someone the name of a female CIA agent outside the courtroom.

More on Fred Burk and his betrayal:

"The new secrecy clause of the contract I refused to sign states that interpreters “shall not communicate to any person or organization any information known to them by reason of their performance of services that has not been made public,” unless written approval is obtained from our superiors."

more details and this develops...

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