Jan 7, 2005

Human Rights Group Accuses Indonesian Military of Hampering Relief Efforts

The Bangkok-based Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development made the accusation in the following press release here.

Now that you have read it, lets get a few things straight. First things first, This "Human Rights Group" is in Bangkok and no where near the affected area. Secondly, the accusations are completely one-sided, they fail to mention that Gerakan Acheh Merdeka (GAM) has attacked relief convoys attempting to deliver aid as we reported here on Tuesday (Monday in the United States) in the following report below - "Trouble starting to brew in Aceh"

They also fail to mention that Gerakan Acheh Merdeka (GAM) is in discussions and is now coordinating with Islamic extremeist groups from Java as we also reported yesterday.

The relief efforts are already underway and no additional "help" is needed from
Gerakan Acheh Merdeka (GAM) or Jemaah Islamiah (JI). Their idea of "help" is to provide for what they call "spiritual counselling" but what really amounts to getting in the way and impeding the relief efforts by requesting that all humanitarian aid is delivered by "Muslim hands" and that all foreign women aid workers either leave or cover themselves in a hijab.

more details as they become available...

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