Jan 7, 2005

US partially lifts military embargo against Indonesia

The US has decided to partially lift an embargo on supplying military hardware to Indonesia by offering spare parts for Hercules C-130 planes so they can be used to aid tsunami victims, an Indonesian official said on Wednesday.

The key word here is partially, and then again certain conditions will naturally apply. The conditions are typically the same. That no military equipment may be used against the so-called seperatists movements such as Gerakan Acheh Merdeka (GAM) despite the fact that they are linking up and joining forces with other muslim extremist groups.

Influenced by so-called human rights groups and terrorist loving sympathizers like our friends Peter Arnett and William Nessen, the usual suspects chime in demanding a ceasefire or an all out military embargo against Indonesia. The end result is that government of Indonesia is left with their hands tied behind their back when try to deal with islamic extremism within their midst. The response of many Indonesian government officals in the past and even recently has been, "Go to hell with your aid."

The leadership of Gerakan Acheh Merdeka (GAM) living and operating in exile in Sweden has run a masterful public relations campaign convincing much of the world that they have no links to global islamic terrorism, but the facts prove otherwise.

If the United States is going to be serious about the global war on terrorism, then they need to let Indonesia have a free hand to deal with it and stop giving conflicting signals as they have in the past by one minute stating they support Aceh's independance and the next minute stating that their hope is that "Aceh remains a part of Indonesia’s sovereign territory".

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