Jan 13, 2005

Let Freedom Ring

Yesterday afternoon while I was working on my project, I got a call from a friend of mine who had a two hour layover at Changi airport in Singapore on his way here to Kuala Lumpur. He told me he would be in town in a few hours and asked me to meet him at The Westin hotel over on Jalan Bukit Bintang for a few drinks. Lucky for me I was only ten minutes away and so we agreed to meet up around 6:30pm at his hotel.

I arrive at the hotel, pass my car to the valet and head upstairs to indulge in a little duty-free while we wait for two other friends to arrive including a Lucy Liu look-alike whom my friend met here recently on one of his junkets though town. The two others arrive around 8pm and after a few more drinks we decide to head on down to Qba to continue with "happy hour". It is still quite early and the place is filling up fast.

Places like Kuala Lumpur are becoming quite busy now, it's like there is blood in the water and the world's bureaucrats, diplomats, humanitarians and socialists can smell it. You see there is a lot of money starting to move into the region here and nobody wants to lose their place at the table. As the bottles of wine and champagne are opened, the businessmen and the people who will actually do the work of rebuilding the devastated areas must sit patiently and wait while the bureaucrats and UN led socialists feast and fill their stomachs first.

Normally my friend knows better than to discuss politics with me and after John Kerry's resounding defeat I don't hear much of the Bush-bashing rhetoric from my misguided liberal friends anymore. However after some tapas and being thoroughly lubed up with a third bottle of wine, the conversation switches from prostitution and women's empowerment to how George W. Bush is such an idiot.

"Bush needs to show more respect to the United Nations" "The United Nations is the legitimate authority to handle the coordination of this crisis" blah blah blah

"Bush can't find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq"

As the yuck yucking of my companions starts to reach a fevered pitch it draws the attention of the table next to us and one of the gentlemen at the next table leans over and asks "Where are you guys from?"

My friend answers "Canada" and I answer "Houston, Texas"

My friend then asks "And you guys?"

"We are from Iraq"


"And let me tell you something about President Bush, he will long be remembered as one of the greatest American presidents who ever lived. Our people suffered under Saddam Hussein and now we have freedom."

It was getting late and my friend suddenly remembered that he had an appointment in the morning.

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