Jan 13, 2005

As a follow-up to "U.N. Offers 'Reproductive' Aid to Tsunami Victims"

allow me to present you with...

"Tsunami Street"

A stretch limo is parked in front, tsunami victims inspecting it. The chauffeur opens the back door, as Carol Bellamy steps inside, Expatguy in tow. The little people clap, howling at her.

Expatguy in the back seat next to Carol Bellamy, gazes out the black tinted window as they drive away, then turns to her as she gives him a bottle of Champagne to open.

"So, where are we going?"

"Wherever you like, New York, London, Banda Aceh... or maybe we can just drive around for a while. and..." (provocatively) "work up an appetite."

She crosses her legs. Expatguys's eyes moving south. He pops the cork. Carol does a little blow, offers him.

"Want some?"

"Kofi tells me you're a very talented broker. What do you like?"

(feeling the rush) Like? Uh... hmmm. Well...

I got this guy who should know tells me buy Unidus Corporation but I been burned on tips. What do you think Expatguy?

Let's see, it closed at uh, 2,780...

(his voice cracking) Up 295...very attractive... above average yield...

(She unzips his fly)

"Rising profits... strong balance sheets, good earnings per share and accounts for 35 percent of the condoms purchased by the United Nations Population Fund,."

(removing her blouse) "So you're hot on this stock?"

(nods, moaning) "It's ready to take off. I'd jump all over it if I were you."

(she pulls up her skirt and climbs on top of Expatguy)

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