Jan 11, 2005

Live and Let Die

In August of 2001, Twenty-four aid workers were arrested in Afghanistan including eight foreigners. Their crime, punishable by death, was proselytizing, propagating a belief other than Islam. Afghanistan like Aceh is a Muslim country and has implemented Shari'a law.

It's important to remind people of this because it helps to give an insight into the mind of those who we are up against.

And so, the story on the ground here is as follows:

The hot topic being discussed around the water cooler here in Southeast Asia the by muslim fundamentalists and so-called "moderates" alike is how this terrible catastrophe has in essence provided unique opportunities to both the United States along with those involved in the "War on Terror" and the Indonesian governments. After the earthquake and tsunami, the United States along with a coalition of willing partners, each with vested interests in the region moved in to provide for humanitarian assistance with complete and total disregard for Aceh's Shari'a laws.

The Indonesian military, now with the assistance of the United States is now able to fully dismantle the infrastructure supporting an independent Aceh and destroy what little remains of a violent islamic separatist movement that has not only killed off thousands of Indonesians and Acehnese over the last several years but cutoff billions of dollars in revenue from ExxonMobil's PT Arun gas fields.

The United States of course is being accused of having their ulterior motives as well. The first being "OIL" and the second is that the United States' primary interest is to use this "opportunity" to dismantle and destroy what they see as another brutal islamic regime by allowing faith-based NGOS and a plethora of ecumenical humanitarian agencies to proselytize under the guise of providing relief, and under the protective umbrella of the United States military.

There are a few muslims here however who have witnessed this massive relief effort being led by the West and start to ask questions. The imans however are quick to guide these lost sheep back on the path.

One has to wonder where is the morality in aiding and assisting people like this.

As cold an callous as it sounds, there are times when the only way to truly help people is not to help them at all.

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