Jan 12, 2005

U.N. Offers 'Reproductive' Aid to Tsunami Victims

What kind of aid is headed for Southeast Asia? The United Nations has some strange ideas on what those affected need.

What kind of help does Southeast Asia need to recover from the tidal wave that swamped the region and killed tens of thousands? It's likely your list won't include condoms and portable abortion devices — but that's part of the aid being sent by the United Nations.

Of course no one seems to take notice or mention that both India and Thailand have refused UN aid with India even having to politely ask Mr. Kofi Annan and his UN thugs to please stay away so they can do the important work of saving lives.

But, back to condoms...

US$28 million sounds like a lot of condoms. Just how many aid workers is the UN sending to Indonesia anyway and how many condoms would they need?

The Indonesians have suffered enough haven't they? Must they now get screwed by the UN?

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