Jan 8, 2005

Relief Aid being distributed in Aceh "Not fit for Human Consumption"

Both Gerakan Acheh Merdeka (GAM) and Laksar Mujahidin are making allegations that the food aid being distributed by America and Australia among others to tsunami survivors in Aceh and North Sumatra is "non-halal" or "not fit for human consumption".

Both groups have appealed to The Indonesian Consumer Organization (YLKI) and the government demanding that the food aid being distributed must be both inspected and "certified halal" before it can be distributed, "lest this help present a new problem".

The problem is that YLKI has not enough staff on the ground in Banda Aceh and North Sumatra to inpect all the food aid being distributed and therefore, under the circumstances Laksar Mujahidin has demanded immediately that their members be able to inspect all food aid prior to it being distributed.

Needless to say, Laksar Mujahidin would fully expect to be paid for their "services".

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