Apr 13, 2005

The Pakistan Connection - Part Two

Im really not sure how to explain what I felt driving back to my place and the silence seemed deafening. As I drove back I reflected over what what Ms. N had been through in her life. What she had told me me of her life.

I had known Ms. N. for a quite a while now. Or at least I thought I knew her. I had heard all of her heart-wrenching stories of her life in Iran and I truly felt bad for her. With tears in her eyes she had once told me of the revolution in 1979 and how she saw her best friend raped and then killed in front of her.

It was in 1979 during the revolution there were a lot of students supporting various groups and forms of government. Some supported the United States others supported The Soviet Union and Communism. Ms. N and her friends were communist supporters and has spent their time passing out leaflets and hanging posters and such where they could. She had went on to describe in vivid detail at how her and her friend one afternoon were caught passing out leaflets to passersby and jailed by the police. Frightened and unable to contact their parents they were taken to jail, where they feared for their lives as they were being accused of treason and the penalty for treason they were told was death. The next morning they were to be sentenced for their crimes. And so the the next morning the guards came in and took both of them out.

Ms. N's friend was sentenced to be executed and Ms. N would be let free. There was a problem though. Ms. N's friend was a virgin and it was determined by the mullahs that if a virgin was executed they would go to heaven. A solution to this problem was determined. Both were taken back to their cell where several prison guards took turns brutally raping her friend in front of her while two of the mullahs watched. After they finished, her friend laid bleeding and sobbing on the floor in the prison cell. Around twenty minutes later two guards came in and took Ms. N and her friend out back of the station where they told her friend to kneel while Ms. N watched, one of the guards then took out a pistol and shot her friend in the back of the head. Afterwards, Ms. N was warned the same would happen to her if she continued her treasonous activities and then she was released and given a letter to take to the parents of her friend so they could come and collect her friend's corpse.

Call it what you want. Our own human nature and empathy we feel for those who have suffered through such terrible atrocities such as this. We feel ourselves willing to do anything in our power to help. I know I did. Ms. N. could have asked me anything and I would have dropped everything to help her without question. But there in lies the problem. I had questions and there was a small part of me that felt guilty for having these questions. But something was not quite right.

Before we managed to even get out of the city and onto the highway we found a roadblock and the police were stopping all the cars. The flashlight shined in the car and focused on Ms. N. I explained to the officer that she was my wife and we were headed home after having supper. The policeman then waved us on.

We arrived back at my place around twenty minutes later, passed through security and then and head upstairs. As we head upstairs in the lift the pieces of the puzzle seem to be coming together. The names she has mentioned or somehow let slip in the course of conversation, the circles we both seem to run in. Dr. S. and Ms. B. and her ex husband.

When we get upstairs Ms. N asks if I had anything to drink. I pour us two tequilas and we both sit down. Before I could ask anything about the money, Ms. N asked me about Dr. Ed and how I knew him. I was taken aback by the question.

A bit of background here ~ I had met Dr. Ed merely by chance as he lived in the same condominim that I lived in. Dr. Ed was a "medical doctor" or so he said who lived in a small condominim stocked full of vodka bottles and scientific books in both English and Russian concerning nuclear reactors. When he got drunk which was daily he would invite me for a drink of vodka, he jokingly refered to vodka as "heavy water". It became even more of a joke when I told him the malay word for alcohol was "Arak" he would rant on in his stupor about how misrable he was that he was not allowed to travel anywhere, how he missed his wife and how had to stay here awaiting further instructions from his "boss" who owned a few boats and did fishing business in Kamchatka. Later Dr. Ed would tell me that his boss wanted to meet me and needed my help in the shipping business to ship a few container loads of fish into either Malaysia or Singapore for transhipment and that he would be in Malaysia after he met with Dr. Khan in Pakistan regarding the fish business.

A month later the boss from Kamchatka arrived with several other people including someone who was introduced to me, a middle eastern looking man known only as the "banker". The boss invited us all including myself to Pangkor Laut Resort where he explained to me that he was in the fish business and wished to close a deal with McDonalds to supply fish for their fish filet sandwichs but that he has a problem getting a visa at the embassy. In retrospect, I did something that I now regret. I introduced him and his secretary/translator to someone in the State department over here who I had heard was on the take. It would be US5000 dollars and one day for the visas to be issued.

I suppose the whole thing really took me by surprise at how Ms. N knew of my relationship with Dr. Ed, but like I said, the puzzle pieces were starting to fall into place. Ms. N. was not who she claimed to be, neither was her so-called ex husband. They all worked for the Iranian government. I should have figured it out earlier but I didn't. Considering how much she claimed that she hated the Iranian government she seemed to have a very close relationship with the Iranian embassy here. She was here to meet and work with both the Russians and the Pakistanis as well who operate from a shop selling carpets.

It would then be Dr. Blix's dear friend and colleague Dr. S. who would later meet with me and try to vet me out only to find that my loyalties were to my own country.

It is only a matter of time, a very short time now that Iran will have what they need to produce nuclear weapons and nothing is being done to prevent it. Why?

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