Apr 16, 2005

My Kingdom for Velveeta Cheese

I had quite a busy day running about today, scouting for prime locations, trying to secure supplies and doing my best to get my All American gourmet hot dog kiosks up and running by the end of this month. Next week I will have to deal with the authorities here to secure my licenses and such which will be another drama altogether. Thank goodness my Malay is close to fluent, because it really helps a lot.

Since my Chile Con Carne and hot dogs have had such a good reception, I've decided to do nachos as well (ballpark style) the only problem is being able to consistantly "score" Velveeta cheese to use as the base for the cheese sauce. I spent the whole afternoon driving all over Kuala Lumpur today looking for Velveeta Cheese.

At the moment would you believe that there is no Velveeta Cheese in the entire country of Malaysia!!

Mr. Roger K. Deromedi are you aware of this?

This is not only an outrage, but a catastrophe!! What the heck is going on down at Kraft Foods? While you people are fooling around with goofy ideas like Jell-O Jigglers, the entire world is in turmoil, Kraft Foods share price is plunging and one or more of these people down at Kraft Foods is responsible for my cheese supply! Something has to be done and hopefully someone over at Kraft Foods can knock some heads together and see to it that we get some cheese here quickly. Something is terribly wrong when this lady has 30lbs of Velveeta and I have none.

And so, Mr. Deromedi, if you are reading this. Kindly understand that this is not merely an issue of logistics or supply chain management, something that you can merely brush aside or delegate to one of your subordinates. It is sir an issue of corporate responsibilty that needs to be addressed at the highest levels. It is individuals such as myself Mr. Deromedi, American entrepreneurs who have bravely ventured forth overseas in an era of globalization that not only promote your products but help to spread love, peace and American hegemony, one plate of gooey, cheesy nachos at a time.

Have you seen the look on a Malaysian or Indonesian's face as they timidly for the first time in their lives poke around at a plate of gooey nachos, when they lift that crispy, crunchy tortilla chip and bite into that cheesy goodness? I have seen it sir and it is a sight of beauty and love that completely transcends all political, ideological and religious barriers and differences.

Imagine Mr. Deromedi, a world at peace and what you personally as the the CEO of Kraft Foods can do to help achieve that. It is the Vision and Values of Kraft Foods that we both share and what can help unite us to do the right thing.

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