Apr 18, 2005

"Roger and Me" or "How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Brie"

Still no word from Roger at Kraft Foods yet, although I did manage to find out that Kraft Foods actually has an office in Malaysia. Im going grab the digital camera and go see what the heck is going on down there. They are located in a nice office building here and so I pretty much know what to expect. No one will know anything and no one will be able to answer any questions for the simple reason, that they have no control over what comes into the country.

Kraft Foods Malaysia does not seem to import anything themselves. They have embroiled themselves in an endless orgy of outsourcing. A confusing myriad of different local companies all seem to deal in different Kraft products from time to time but never Kraft themselves, it is nonsense like this that simply creates a nightmare for any consumers.

Using a dozen different small local companies might look good on paper to some guy sitting in the corporate office in Illinois, but in the long run you lose out. You end up outsourcing so much of your business that you completely lose touch with the customers who actually buy your products. It is clear to see that Kraft Foods is not managing it's own distribution chain here, but rather being managed by it.

You want Kraft mayonnaise you have to look for one supplier, you want Kraft cheese slices a different supplier. Any other Kraft products are all different suppliers and none are consistent, its like they change every other day.

Its all been an adventure trying to get score solid bricks of pure uncut Velveeta though. Im a bit disapointed to find out that Ms. Pok down at Pok Brothers might have been holding out on me. When I asked her specifically for Velveeta she said she had none and then offered me Pillsbury Pancake Syrup in microwaveable bottles instead. I decided to grab a few of those because you never know when you will see those again and who knows perhaps I can use them for later for barter trade or something. A friend told me today that he heard that she actually has a few boxes of Velveeta but she is holding them for Mr. David Anderson of Chili's Restaurant here. Later today I will call her and try to smooth talk her and find out if she is really holding or not.

Nancy down at Hock Choon told me that she didn't have Velveeta but she did have Karo Light Corn Syrup with real vanilla in 16oz bottles that she got from Peter Lim at Focal Marketing and that Peter possibly might be able to score me some Velveeta. I decided to grab a few bottles of the Karo Corn Syrup because, well, you never know when you will see that again. After I paid for the Corn Syrup Nancy was nice enough to give me Peter's telephone number to call on Monday.

And last but not least, Cold Storage Bangsar which has a whole new cheese section in their supermarket stocked full of some processed French Laughing Cow Cheese and like twenty different kinds of Brie cheese. The Chinese girl working there had absolutely no idea what Velveeta cheese was and told me that I could try making my nachos with either the Laughing Cow Cheese or the Brie cheese.

Laughing Cow Nachos? This has now become of an issue of national pride!!

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