May 25, 2005

Deeper and Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

All of the stories and essays posted here are from my personal experience. Reproducing them to the written word simply requires me to sit down and transfer them from memory and onto my computer screen. Time consuming? Yes but not anything that Im not able to handle.

On occasion I will post something from the current or breaking news that I deem to be relevant to the interest of you my readers here. A good example of this was the earthquake and tsunami which drove my little sitemeter into the stratosphere.

When I report on any current happenings or specific events within the region, it is the truth that becomes paramount. I will not, nor will I ever report on something that it not true. I might not always present a conclusion and have been accused by some of leading my readers hanging. There are a few reasons why I do this and some of them I would prefer not to mention, but I tend to see what I do as allowing you to come to your own conclusions based on the facts as they are presented.

My little sitemeter might suffer, my hits decline and my new hoped for ad revenue suffer if I don't produce the "goods" on a daily basis, but deep in my heart I feel it is imperative that I get the facts straight before I simply publish something. I trust that those of you reading this will understand. If you empathize with the situation you are always welcome to contribute. I might not have a "tip jar", but there are various other methods email me for details.

A recent posting at Jihadwatch sparked my interest. A plethora of the usual ad hominum replies followed on the thread with some of them bordering on simply being ortund and containing little or no real substance or usable information. I then set out to uncover the real story.

The story has taken me from Kuala Lumpur to Klang and up towards the Southern Thailand border to Kuala Kangsar and Kota Bharu and now finally into Narathiwat and Yala.

Jupo di Kelate, Nati cito lagi malee nati.


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