May 22, 2005

Indonesian Rally Being Held Now in Front of US Embassy

Various terrorist and Muslim hardline groups are now in front of the US embassy Jakarta with their rally that started this morning at around 9am.

The calls have been out for several days now: Attend!!

"Muslims United Action to condemn insulting Al Quran and Muslims by America"

**12:30 PM Sunday - Updates will continue today as the situation develops.**

**6:09 PM Sunday - Bleh... what an anticlimax. Im going to go take a nap.**

Update 9:50 PM Sunday evening.

Reports late this evening are stating that the crowd numbered up to 7,000 - Allow me to be the first to say that it was no where near 7,000 at most maybe 2,000 plus an almost equal number of police officers. Most of the protesters were wandering off to go eat and drink before noon because of the heat. No violence just a bunch of the typical anti-american rhetoric and a US flag burned partially that took several attempts to get lighted.

But in the end sensationalist headlines sell more papers. Just like the one that is being accused of igniting these protests in the first place. What the paper fails to tell you is that the protesters were all brought in on buses to protest. The question that should be on everyone's mind is "Who paid for all this?" You might be shocked to find out the answer. I hope to have more details within the next day or so. But lets just say for now that almost all the money for the tsunami victims never made it to the intended victims. Outraged? You should be.

In January I wrote three essays concerning the endless flow of aid money being thrown at Indonesia entitled "Live and Let Die" "Rebuilding Dar Al Islam" and "Why Stop at 350 Million?" strongly suggesting that we would be making a terrible mistake and would end up living to regret it. Well... Where is all that good will towards America now?

A much bigger regional protest is being planned for the 27th of May and I'll be sure to fill you in on all the details as they happen.


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