Jun 26, 2005

"Danny's All-American Gourmet Hot Dogs"

So you're in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you've done the cultural thing and and have eaten the fried rice and all the local fare and you're finally homesick for a REAL American-Style hot dog. Where can you go? Is there anyplace over here? Hop in a taxi and ask him to take you to Hartamas Square in Sri Hartamas!!

And the best seller? Texas Chili Dogs!

The joy in my heart from watching the locals bite into a real authentic Texas Chili dog and then comment on how much they love Texan cooking is simply immeasurable! This is what it is all about people! Forget the billions of dollars that we as a nation foolishly throw around the world and then receive nothing but contempt in return. I'm doing my best to help hire the locals, train them to manage and in the process helping to spread peace, love and American hegemony - one Texas chili dog at a time! And you can help!

Im so sorry for the lack of updates, but your's truly has been busier than a one-legged man at an ass kicking contest getting set up over here. If you think opening a business is tough in the United States, then imagine how it is in a foreign country!

Kraft Foods has let me down and so my quest for cheese has so far produced no results and I'm still looking for an American supplier to help me in my mission to serve hot, cheesy, gooey nachos to the impoverished citizens of Southeast Asia. I have sent an email to Sysco in Houston and would you believe it - that I got no response? If you know any nacho cheese sauce suppliers then please direct them this way! If your product can sell, we will promote it!

Remember your generous donations can help not only to provide jobs, but help to spread peace, love and American hegemony one bowl of steaming Texas chili con carne and one hot, cheesy, gooey plate of nachos at a time!

I'll try to have photos up soon so check back!

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