Jun 17, 2005

Speaking of Grottis

One would expect that truth and knowledge would be considered sacrosanct in a society that likes to consider itself a progressive one. We live in a society now in the West where those who dare speak out or those who who have chosen to contradict a popular delusion find themselves accused of the unpardonable crime of heresy.

'Guy' a blogger in Cambodia would face the venomous wrath of the proponents of political correctness recently for daring to suggest that racial differences in human physiology perhaps offer an explanation and some insight into the individual's ability to pronounce or create certain sounds.

Having an acute interest in the subject myself, I found myself intrigued and yet disturbed by the riposte of vociferous condemnation accusing Mr. Guy of racial bigotry and of being grossy ignorant that followed. Surely if the intent really was to discredit Mr. Guy then one would expect that an anatomist or at the very least an anthropologist be consulted on the subject.

Big glottis, small glottis, short glottis and tall glottis.

The fever is gone, but the area around my glottis is a bit inflamed from all the coughing in the last few days. Thanks for all the kind letters.

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