Jun 11, 2005

Forthcoming Site Redesign

I've looked at several different sites recently and am pretty much able to visualize how I would like to see my blog and so now the next step is the sight redesign.

The plethora of blogging software packages seem a bit daunting and I want to make sure that I don't choose the wrong one. Suggestions please.

I'm also intending to "outsource" the complete layout and redesign of this website to a company back in the United States and if anyone knows of a company talented in such endeavors I would be most grateful if you would direct them this way.

I'd like to get this started quickly so hopefully the site can be totally revamped in the next few weeks. A few people have sent email asking for RSS feeds and for myself, Im not entirely pleased with the comments section or Haloscan.

Considering my current dire situation and in lieu of a benevolent benefactor stepping forth I would be grateful if the said company would accept free advertising on my website here. However if it becomes a requirement, I'll attempt to sell my furniture and send payment by Western Union.

A few have asked why I don't have a donation button here on the website. The simple reason is because I don't have a US bank account or a credit card and as such services such as Paypal are not an option. The only option really is Western Union or the postal service.

The option to donate is entirely up to you the reader, but by doing so it will enable me to both dedicate more time to updating the blog and the ability to offer much more in the future such as photos and such. I'd really enjoy this and feel and would like to dedicate much more time to this in the future. There are many things I would like to do such as travel to some of the nearby locations so that I can get exclusive stories. I'd like to travel to Southern Thailand and report more on the situation there and also to the east coast of Malaysia and perhaps get in an interview with individuals such as Ayah Pin. Donations can make that happen.

In the meantime, I've recently included Blogads on my website (hint), but the damn thing seems to hop up and down each time the page is refreshed. If anyone knows how to fix it please let me know.

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