Jul 7, 2005

"Texas Chili Dog Madness" or "8 Inches of Love"

So many chili dogs and so little time. The reception has been great, much better than expected. None of our servicemen ever showed up, but we had a few Americans from Detroit show up last night and happy to say, we passed their taste test with flying colours.

As we like to say back in Texas. "We've been busier than a one-legged man at an ass kicking contest!" Let be known that Malaysians do have discerning taste and truly appreciate quality.

We're still waiting on Dave Anderson from American Chili's to stop by whom we would love to challenge to a chili cookoff. You name the place and time Dave and we'll be there with our chili! Call it true Texan bravado Dave. ;-)

Ya''ll come by tonight to Hartamas Square and ask for "8 inches of love" and we'll fix ya right up!

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